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This website has been a labor of love for a number of people associated with the Technology Department of the Eau Claire Public Schools.

The Technology Director of the district, Phil Brackett, has been working for a number of years with some fine laborers in an effort to bring this content online.

A significant part of the work of scanning and saving the photos from the physical media that we have on hand has been completed by Logan Gothberg, a member of the class of 2022. Gavin Styburski, another member of the class of 2022, has been working with Logan to arrange the photos on these pages. These helpful students have worked under the direction of Julian Hicks, class of 2017.

We have also benefitted from a collaboration with the Eau Claire Public Library, as they obtained the services of OCI in digitizing the school yearbooks that are available on this site.

Send a message to [ pbrackett@eauclaireps.com] or call 269-593-3856